Dong Guan Fenjie Paper Factory

Image Design Support 

Professional team to create advanced display design concept of a unified visual image
Training Support
Training Specialist Members of the joining store product knowledge, product display, sales techniques, such as skills training, to ensure that the clerk competent job; regular regional training sessions to enhance the ability of terminal operators.
Hand in the famous movie star, pulling the altitude, the ground media publicity. The reunification of the national large-scale media advertising support. Franchise radiation area, road shows, public relations activities, POP three-dimensional display, DM monolithic distributed system support.
Activities To Promote Support 
Terminal on a regular basis to assist to carry out a full range of activities to promote active local market, to ensure profitability; opening activities, new listing activity, the anniversary activities, a large sale activities, the wedding cultural festivals, May Day, XI, New Year and other festive events and regionalpersonalized outreach program. 
Logistics Support
Fast and first-class logistics service system, to ensure the nationwide logistics aging. 
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