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The main component of toilet paper

     Look at our everyday life indispensable partner— toilet paper,   has had the very big change. In order to adapt to the requirements of different customers, no longer only a single material.the mixed together,for the market demand, may be more convincing.

     The chemical composition of raw material of the toilet paper, plant fiber mainly contain cellulose, in cotton, the content of cellulose in above 90%; Wood and reed contains 40% to 50% of the cellulose. In order to improve the paper strength, in pulping process should be tried to preserve cellulose.

      There is hemicellulose, in plant fiber raw material, hardwood and grasses has the hemicellulose can be as high as 30% or so, and  soft wood contains only 20% or so, the cotton content less. In order to improve the paper strength, in pulping process also want to try to keep some more than half cellulose.

      Lignin. in soft wood, content lignin is about 30% , and grasses raw materials generally contain about 20%;cotton and  flax, do not contain lignin. Chemical pulping is to use chemicals made between cells bonding material solution to part, make fibre separated from each other into a pulp. Raw material contains lignin, the more difficult the pulping, the more consumption of chemicals.

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